Why Backup ?

As we live an increasingly digital life, we can't afford to ignore the substantial quantity of data that we all generate. Think about all the irreplaceable baby videos, personal and financial documents, business and personal emails and event photos that you'd lose if it isn't backed up.And dont forget you need a top notch anti virus program , right now we recommend Norton as it has been an industry leader for many years and you can get a $20 to $40 off coupon code to save you money right now when you buy from the Norton anti virus suite of products.

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Why backup online ?

When you backup your files online, you never have to bother with finding a disk which holds your data on it again. Your data is always right there on the internet, ready to be accessed whenever you desire. You can access your data from any computer in the world with an internet connection.

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A Comparison of Carbonite vs. Mozy Home On the internet Backup

Comparing Mozy and Carbonite Home is like a match among two giants. They are two of the leading backup services currently operating. In this electronic age group where almost all our important data is in digital format it is crucial that it is kept save and secure. More and more, cyber attacks and computer failures are putting our information at risk. Regular backups are a necessity of lifestyle. That is what these two companies provide. So why only compare Carbonite vs Mozy Home? The answer is simple. These are the two most favored and widely used online backup services for home users at this time. They dominate this market because they both are easy to use and very inexpensive. The real question is, which one is best? Let's take a look at some of the most essential areas to evaluate with regards to online backup and see how these two suppliers compare.

Cost & Storage Capacity

The quantity of data you can back-up online and the cost of doing so are probably the two regions of concern that spring to mind immediately for home users contemplating which backup provider to choose. Both Mozy and Carbonite Home provide unlimited backup. If you have a few files to backup or several thousand, you won't have anything at all to worry about with possibly provider, it doesn't matter. Carbonite providestwo and one, and three year subscriptions. The main one year subscription expenses $54.95. Mozy Home provides a month-to-month plan and one and two calendar year subscriptions. Their 30 days-to-month plan expenses $4.95/month whilst their one year subscriptions are $54.45.

Easy to Use

Once it is setup, could be counted on to simply do its thing with no interaction from the consumer, Carbonite and Mozy both offer a easy to use backup that. Both deliver on this provide quite well. Sometimes we read about user complaints on how long the initial backups take but this is going to be typical of any backup program you use. The size of the data and the speed of the internet are determining factors in this initially backup. Even if you make use of a local backup to a different hard drive, it may still take over night to finish. This is just the reality of backing up practically everything on your hard disk. Even if it might seem that in this area each providers ensure equivalent services, Carbonite is more appreciate than Mozy Home due to the fact users like the simple interface of Carbonite more. Overwhelming for home users, though mozy Home interface offers more advanced settings which might seem attractive and interesting for computer geeks.

Security and Backup Process

Both Carbonite and Mozy Home secure your files via encryption. The files are encrypted before they leave the computer, thus are safe as they travel across the internet. They are stored in encrypted format on their servers, ensuring that they will not subject to unauthorized access. Also, both of these services have a user friendly backup that can be automated or scheduled based on the needs of the customer.

Document Restoration

Carbonite uses a standard process for restoring files which is activated simply by using the restore function in the software's desktop user interface. With Mozy Home, you can restore your documents using one of 3 methods: desktop interface restore, web recover, and DVD restore. It is also important to note that with both Carbonite and Mozy Home, restoring a large set of data and files can take a while so if you have 30GB of data to restore, don't expect to have it back on your computer inside a few hours. Instead, it can take a few days.

Customer Support

When considering this area, home users think that both providers should develop improvements. There have been many comments and complaints for Carbonite and Mozy Home stating that the customer support is not as efficient as it should be. There are delays when handling queries and the information provided is sometimes not enough. Still, Carbonite is more appreciated because it offers many ways to get in contact with the customer support service: phone, e-mail support and stay chat. But, Mozy Home also offers live chat and e-mail support.

Summary of Carbonite vs. Mozy Home

Judging from the above feature-for-feature match Mozy, Carbonite and up Home are virtually identical in price and features so it's difficult to declare an absolute winner. Neither one is ideal but you shouldn't anticipate that when you're getting unlimited online storage space for less than $5/month. For every customer that swears by Carbonite, there is one that swears by Mozy Home. The match up is practically dead even. Sometime we have found its the fact that Carbonite has a range of Coupon Codes and promotional discounts every month that entice people to sign up with them instead of Mozy. The simplest way to find your right provider is to try out their services and evaluate which one fits you best. They both provide affordable, cheap and attractive offers that are easy to test. Plus, Carbonite offers a 15-day free trial whilst Mozy Home a monthly alternative priced at only $4.95. Test their services and decide on your own which one is the best!
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